A Psalm of the Spirit of Christ (Psalm #69)

Text: Psalm 69

This is David writing this song and there are things he says that the Lord Jesus Christ wouldn’t say. But if you were to take the Holy Spirit of God and put him in a sinner and also put the Holy Spirit of God into the body of the Lord Jesus Christ then you’d have each saying some things that are similar and some things that are different. For instance the sinner would bemoan his sin. The Lord Jesus Christ wouldn’t do that though the same spirit of God is in each of them.

So in this psalm David speaks by the spirit of God as Peter said it, holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost

Vs 4 hated without cause. That hatred came from envy because God was with him in both cases; David and the Lord Jesus Christ. John 15:25

Verse 7 borne reproach for God’s sake. Suffer the reproach of Christ like Moses according to Hebrews 11.

Verse 8 stranger and alien among his own people and family.

Vs 9 is remembered in John 2:17. David’s strong desire was to build the house of the Lord and the Lord Jesus Christ twice cleansed the temple because the people made it a den of thieves instead of a house of prayer.

Vs 20-21 is Christ on the cross in John 19:29

Verse 22 is cited by Paul in Romans 11:9-10 when speaking about the unbelieving Jews.

Verse 25 is cited by the Lord in Matthew 23:37-38.

Verse 30-31 sacrifice of praise is cited by Paul in Hebrews 13:15-16