Overview of Malachi

Malachi describes the state of the nation of Israel for 400 years even until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing would change. No new revelation is given. This last prophet Malachi introduces the fulfillment of Moses “prophet” to come in Deuteronomy 18:15-18.

Malachi means “my messenger” and there are five messengers in the book.

  1. Malachi
  2. The true priest of God (2:7)
  3. John the baptist (3:1)
  4. Lord Jesus Christ (3:1)
  5. Elijah (4:5)

Wherein is like asking “how”.

Wherein hast thou loved us? (1:2)

  • Jacob vs Esau
  • God eliminated the natural blessings to highlight the blessings brought by His Spirit to Jacob.

Wherein have we despised thee? (1:6)

  • You call me Father, but give me no honor.
  • You call me Lord, but don’t fear me.

Wherein have we polluted thee? (1:7)

  • You bring filth and waste as a sacrifice.
  • Then complain that serving God is too burdensome.

Wherein have we wearied him? (2:17)

  • Call good evil and evil good.
  • You ask, where is God.

Wherein shall we return? (3:7)

  • Begin now.
  • Discouragement; it’ll never be like it was.

Where have we robbed God? (3:8)

  • In the basics – tithes and offerings.
  • In everything you could rob God, you did – tithes and offerings.
  • Better question, is there a way you haven’t robbed God?

What have we spoken so much against thee? (3:13)

  • That’s the system of the world.  It yields temporary pleasure to sinners.
  • But consider the end, consider their spirit, consider their vanity.
  • When you don’t know, you don’t have a clear answer, give God the benefit of the doubt.

Rise of the Sun of Righteousness (4)

  • It will be a day of burning.
  • Remember the law of Moses in preparation of his coming.
  • Elijah will be sent ahead of the Lord to prepare the way of the Lord.