Disciples Commissioned (Matthew #55)

Text: Matthew 10

The apostles are commissioned. Going back to the end of chapter 9 the Lord said the work was too much and there needed to be more help harvesting the Israelites.

The disciples are hired and equipped (10:1)

The twelve “added to payroll” are named (10:2-4)

They are told the field they are to harvest is Israel (10:5-6)

They are instructed on what tools to use for the harvest (10:7-8)

They are told the harvest will have its own rewards (10:9-10)

They are told how to distinguish wheat and tares (10:11-15) …the axe is laid to the root…

Staying faithful through the dangers in the harvest (10:16-39)

By the way, you’ll find other laborers in the field as well (10:40-42)