The Soldier

Text: 2 Timothy 2:3

A soldier has a country he honors

A soldier loves his people – John 15:13

A soldier has been deputized with the power of life and death

A soldier submits his will to the orders of his leadership

A soldier is equipped for his warfare

  • Mentally and psychological prepared as well as physically prepared.
  • Endure hardness. Christianity is not an antidepressant to chemically shut off your mind. It is mental preparation for the realities of life in an evil world. It is a helmet of salvation. It is the right view of the past, present, and future and how to maintain a right attitude in it all without becoming a drug addict and non productive human being.
  • The world creates some very fragile minds with its philosophies, drugs, and education in a world view that has nothing to do with the truth of God’s words or Jesus Christ.

A soldier is trained in his warfare

A soldier is proven before he is given a mission