Astronomy (Genesis #5)

Text: Genesis 1:14-19

We’re talking about astronomy tonight. Heaven and earth are already created. Vegetation has already been created. Now the Sun, Moon, and stars will be created as signs and ornaments in God’s creation. All of these things are created for the heaven and the earth.

Astronomy magnifies the Creator

  • You know what a sign is. It is a message that is highly visible. STOP signs, HWY signs, etc.
  • Moses was given a couple of signs to show Israel to prove God was with him.
  • Job 9:9-10 Orion
  • Amos 5:8 Seek the Creator, not the stars or the planets
  • Constellations in Isaiah 13:10. Can you imagine a day coming when astronomers and scientists look out in the sky and see nothing. They may say now, who is God? But on that day there will be no way to avoid their fear.

Astronomy marks the passing of time

  • Job 38:31 Orion and seasons

Astronomy in relation to the earth

  • Here are some interesting things to consider in the Bible. We wouldn’t make this a point of contention, but it is noteworthy that these references talk about the earth being in a fixed place in God’s universe while the lights in the sky follow a circuit around the earth. 
  • Joshua 10:12-13
  • Job 26:7 …he hangeth the earth upon nothing…
  • Psalm 19:2-6
  • Psalm 104:19-24