The Law of the Land

  • Exodus 20 are the 10 commandments and provide the foundation for the more detailed laws that will follow.


  • Exodus 21:1-6 Laws for employers and heads of homes about treatment of employers, contractors, indentured servants, daughters, and daughter-in-laws.
  • Exodus 21:7-14 Laws for heads of homes about treatment of daughters, and daughter-in-laws.
  • Exodus 21:12-14 Murder versus Manslaughter
  • Exodus 21:15 Death penalty for assault on parents
  • Exodus 21:16 Death penalty for kidnapping and human trafficking.
  • Exodus 21:17 Death penalty for open rebellion against parents, cursing parents, blaming parents.
  • Exodus 21:18-19 Restitution for lost time and medical bills in the case of a fight or an assault.
  • Exodus 21:20-21 Abusive master is punished (There is no slavery allowed in the law. People are not property, they are people. People are also investments according to verse 21). However, if there is not immediate death, then there is a question raised as to whether the accused employer is actually guilty.
  • Exodus 21:22-25 Restitution for children and mothers hurt because of an assault.
  • Exodus 21:26-27 Employer’s physical mistreatment of contracted individuals means the individual is free to go. The idea seems to be that employer pays out what’s left on his contract, but lets the individual go.
  • Exodus 21:28-32 Restitution in cases of dangerous cattle up unto the death penalty for a “cowboy” that will not get rid of a dangerous animal.
  • Exodus 21:33-34 Restitution for cattle owner when his herd has been damaged by someone else.
  • Exodus 21:35-36 Restitution in cases of dangerous cattle.


  • Exodus 22:1-4 Restitution for cattle theft. Private property and self defense allowances and limitations during and after a theft.
  • Exodus 22:5 Restitution for cattle feeding on another person’s property.
  • Exodus 22:6 Restitution in arson cases.
  • Exodus 22:7-15 Restitution and judgments in cases of damaged property while in someone else’s possession.
  • Exodus 22:16-17 Marriage obligation
  • Exodus 22:18 Death penalty for witchcraft
  • Exodus 22:19 Death penalty for beastiality
  • Exodus 22:20 Death penalty for idol worship
  • Exodus 22:21 Treatment of recognized immigrants
  • Exodus 22:22-24 Treatment of widows and fatherless
  • Exodus 22:25-27 Lending practices
  • Exodus 22:28 Law against sedition
  • Exodus 22:29-31 Law of sanctifying what is the Lord’s


  • Exodus 23:1-7 Ensuring righteous judgment against perjury, politics, bribes, emotional bias, and victim mentality.
  • Exodus 23:8-13 Sabbath rest is for the laborers and the needy in the congregation.
  • Exodus 23:14-19 Thanksgiving offerings three times a year after three harvests.


The Lord spends 4 chapters on laws of the land then spends 15 chapters on worshipping God.

Leviticus tells the priesthood how to administrate and minister in the tabernacle, acceptable offerings and unacceptable offerings.


Deuteronomy is the second, more detailed giving of the national law and the spiritual principles associated with blessing and cursing (Deuteronomy 10:16). It’s given 40 years after Israel leaves Egypt and the generation that did not trust God to go into the promised land died off. It’s given right before the next generation is about to enter the promised land. Examples of more detailed laws are Deuteronomy 19:16-21 concerning lawsuits and Deuteronomy 20:5-9 concerning military service.