Promises to Abram (Genesis #25)

Promises to Abram

Text: Genesis 12

The LORD’S national promises to Abram (vss 1-5)

  • God will show Abram the land that will be his.
  • Make a great nation, so the context with Abram is national.
  • Bless Abram
  • Make Abram’s name great
  • Make Abram a blessing
  • Bless those that bless Abram
  • Curse those that curse Abram
  • Hebrews 11:8 says Abram removed himself and his family by faith.

The LORD reiterates his promises to Abram (vss 6-9)

  • Enemies of God are in the land, but God intends to recover the land through Abram.
  • Abram hears encouragement from the Lord and then builds an altar in the land.
  • Here’s the second time this phrase shows up in verse that a man called upon the name of the LORD.

The state of the promised land (vss 10-13)

  • Not only are the enemies of God in the land, but there is a bad famine in the land when Abram gets there. Perhaps because of the wickedness of the Canaanites who were already there? But the famine is harsh there.
  • Famine runs Abram out of the land.
  • Abram fears in Egypt and lies about Sarai.

God’s blessing clearly on Abram (vss 14-20)

  • Abram’s failure makes it clear that God is going to bless Abram as He said. And He’s going to bless Abram in spite of Abram’s failure.