Virgin Birth (Christmas Miracle)

Virgin Birth

Condition of faith (vss 1-9)

  • Rebellious king Ahaz of Judah is being threatened by Syria and the northern tribes of Israel in war. 
  • Isaiah tells Ahaz, Fear not, neither be fainthearted… Because
    • Isaiah further says what these men plan to do to you, Ahaz, and Jerualem will not happen (verse 7).
    • Isaiah further encourages Ahaz that Ephraim will only stumble around for another 65 years before being broken apart (verse 8).
  • Then Isaiah gives the invitation that every sinner gets, believe God and be established or don’t believe God and watch whatever you’re building get destroyed.

Sign against unbelief (vss 10-16)

  • Then Isaiah presents Ahaz with a blank check. Ahaz rejects the offer. And like everything else Ahaz has done in his life, this is just another time where he’s disobeyed and ignored God.
  • Isaiah’s prophecy is a rejection of David’s royal lineage. The sign is for the house of David according to Isaiah 7:14.
  • Now, if you’re trying to make up a story about Jesus so you can get him on the throne, you don’t throw away his royal lineage. You would do everything you can to preserve it and prove it. You make sure there is no question he’s royalty from the king.

Gentile occupation of the promised land (vs 17-8:22)

  • Virgin born Immanuel will seize the government in a violent fiery takeover (vss 9:1-7)
  • Now, when you get to Matthew 1:23-24 and Mary as a virgin conceives, the fuse is lit so to speak. The end is near. God has shown his frustration with unbelief and is ready to renovate the earth in righteousness. But there is a catch. Before Christ violently overthrows the government, he has something else to do. Look at Matthew 1:18-21. His name is not Immanuel, not yet anyway. His name shall be called JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.