A Christian’s Life (1 Samuel #25)

A Christian’s Life

Text: 1 Samuel 18-20

David has defeated Goliath to the shock of everyone. David is quickly becoming a hero in Israel. David becomes:

  • the covenant friend to Jonathan,
  • the chosen hero to Israel,
  • but the chief threat to Saul.

David’s behavior attracted good men like Jonathan. But Jonathan is the son of the king who hates David. And it is in this history that we see the life of a Christian. Saul is carnal, he is the flesh. David is christlike, he represent the LORD Jesus Christ. And Jonathan is torn, he is the Christian that seeks compromise between the flesh and the spirit.

Jonathan’s conversion (18:1-4)

  • A picture of the gospel conversion of a soul to Jesus Christ.
  • Shared blessings with David- when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David (vs 1)
    • Jonathan had made a run at the Philistines by himself when no one else would. The LORD ended up using that attack to encourage Israel.
    • When he hears David speak about his trust in the LORD to fight the battle undoubtedly Jonathan completely relates to David. He finds a kindred spirit.
    • It’s a belief system that goes beyond family bloodlines.
    • Jonathan’s father hates David. But Jonathan sees in David a real man of God, a man blessed by God, and a man in whom he can trust.
    • Lost soul hears the words of the LORD, considers the work of the LORD and is attracted to the LORD based on those things
  • Shared bond with David – Jonathan and David made a covenant (vs 3).
    • It’s my belief that this is where Jonathan and David promise that no matter who is on the throne, they will be good to the other one’s children. Jonathan knows his family line is cursed at this point. No one in Saul’s family will occupy the throne.
    • This is why David brings this up when finding Mephibosheth later in life when David is actually on the throne. See 2 Samuel 9.
  • Shared belongings with David – Jonathan stripped himself of the robe… (vs 4)
    • Jonathan knows he’s not in line to be king. He knows his dad is a bad man. He knows his dad has been rejected by God, while David has been promoted.
    • Jonathan gives David his royal stuff. Everything that pertains to Jonathan’s position as prince he gives to David.
    • A sinner says this to Jesus Christ, I’m not in charge anymore, I’m not the boss. LORD, you’re the boss. This is the will of God that you be king.
    • This isn’t just talk like what most consider Christianity.

Jonathan’s compromise (19:1-7)

  • His battle with Saul – …that they should kill David (vs 1)
  • His belief in Saul – .…I will commune with my father of thee (vss 3-4)
    • Jonathan tries to get his dad to understand that David has only treated Saul well. He’s not a threat to Saul.
    • Jonathan reasons with his dad like a Christian tries to reason with his flesh.
  • His bargain with Saul – And Jonathan brought David to Saul… (vss 7-9)
    • Jonathan is a Christian who thinks he can satisfy the flesh and love Christ at the same time. Jonathan will find he cannot accept both Saul and David. He must choose the LORD or choose his carnal dad.
    • The minute David is exalted above Saul, Saul throws a FIT. Just like the flesh. David wins another great victory for Israel, he’s magnified in the eyes of the people and Saul can’t stand it. Just like your flesh can’t stand it when Jesus Christ is glorified.

Jonathan’s conclusion (20:1-4, 27-42)

  • Benefit of the doubt – …behold my father will do nothing either great or small, but that he will shew it me… (vs 2)
    • Saul gets Jonathan’s benefit of the doubt.
    • When does God get the benefit of the doubt? Why do you defer to the sinner?
  • Reality – …there is but a step between me and death. (vs 3)
    • So Jonathan arose from the table in fierce anger… (vs 34)
    • Jonathan will find out he can’t bring David and his dad Saul together. They are not compatible. And they’re not compatible because of Saul.
  • Resolve – …Jonathan said to David, Go in peace… (vs 42)
    • Jonathan accepts that he will not see David and his hope and joy will now rest in the covenant he’s made with David.
    • This comes after three days of David hiding out (vs 5). What a foreshadowing!!
    • Jonathan, like a Christian, says I will have to contend with my father Saul just like a Christian will have to contend with his flesh for the rest of his life. BUT, Jonathan knows he’s covenanted with the right man for his future.