Desperate Relationships (Genesis #39)

Lot’s Legacy

  • He made his home for his family in Sodom.
  • How will you convince loved ones of God’s judgment on a place you chose to call home?

Desperate perspectives (vss 31-35)

  • There is nobody around for me, so I better take what I can get. So desperate for relationship you remove standards.
  • As disgusting as this is, it’s not far from how faithless people choose relationships. Christian teenagers so desperate for a relationship they drop all standards.
  • If I lose my old life in Sodom then I’ve lost everything. I’m desperate and without hope.
  • A Christian may say, Trying to find a good Christian to share my life with is impossible! There is nobody left for me! The reality is that’s not true and you’re living under the delusion of a desperate perspective.

Bringing forth idolaters (vss 36-38)