Prophet Abraham (Genesis #40)

This is the first time the word prophet is used by God. The LORD calls Abraham a prophet.

Prophet not immune to the old nature (vss 1-7)

  • Old ways die hard (vss 1-2)
  • We’ll do what’s familiar when we’re faithless.
  • God honors the promised seed who will be Christ in spite of faithlessness.
    • Abimelech’s dream
    • Herein is the first time in the Bible where the word “prophet” appears. Now, if there was ever a time God wouldn’t want to introduce Abraham as a prophet, I would think it would be right here.
    •  It must come from Abraham so the heathen will know how God works.
    • Tells us that “the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”

God’s people reproved by the heathen (vss 8-13)

  • Heathen do by nature the things in the law (vss 8-10). This is before Moses’ law, but adultery is clearly a sin to Abimelech.
  • Perhaps this nation is MORE righteous than our nation?!
  • Fear of man brings a snare (vss 11-13)

Blessings on the prophet and from the prophet (vss 14-18)

  • Restitution (v 14)
  • Release (v 15)
  • Reproof (v 16)
  • Revival (vss 17-18)