The Fugitive King (1 Samuel #

Text: 1 Samuel 21:10-15, Psalm 34

David is a fugitive. Everywhere he turns he finds himself surrounded by hostile enemies. He’s run to Gath because he knows Saul will not go there. But now David has been recognized as the Israeli hero who slew Gath’s champion, Goliath, on the battlefield. To make himself less desirable, he pretends he’s a lunatic in order to find mercy from the king of Gath. His plan works. David attributes his deliverance from the Philistines here as the hand of God. And he writes a song about this time in his life in order to codify the lessons he’s learned and the joy God’s given him.

David’s celebration (Psalms 34:1-7)

  • Continual
    • … at all times… 
    • David was not going to let his praise become circumstantial.
    • All it takes for God’s praise to be stolen out of your mouth is a schedule change (sleep patterns, work schedule, summer schedule, school schedule)
    • But David isn’t circumstantial in his praise.
  • Credits the LORD
    • …boast in the LORD… 
    • David will never claim to have accomplished anything with his own ingenuity or courage. He may provide a vessel, but it’s the LORD’s work.
    • …magnify the LORD with me…
    • David would not let the LORD become small in men’s eyes.
    • About the time you lose sight of the LORD and He seems to become small, David says let’s make a big deal about what God is doing and who He is.
  • Care of the LORD (vss 4-6, 10)
    • The LORD cares and is responsible to run to the LORD for care.
    • Deliberate search – Must be done on purpose.
    • Exclusive search – seek the LORD alone.

David’s commandments (Psalms 34:8-14)

  • Experiential
    • …taste and see that the LORD is good…
    • Haven’t you ever eaten something that was delicious and afterward you wanted to pass on that experience. So you said, You’ve got to try this!
    • …fear the LORD…
  • Exploratory
    • …seek the LORD…
    • Controlling your mouth is part of seeking the LORD
    • Departing from evil is also HOW people seek the LORD
    • What child goes on an Easter egg hunt by waiting for the eggs to fall into his basket? I can picture it now, mom walking up to their little one who sitting down with the basket in their hand and asking, What are you doing? You need to go look for the eggs? The child replies, No mom, I’m just going to wait for the eggs to climb into my basket. Well, that’ll never happen because that’s not how this works. And it’s not how God works.
    • I know the LORD’s not in filthy conversation, so I don’t look for the LORD’s help in filthy conversation. In fact, I’m going to stop filthy conversation so the LORD can get involved.
    • Like the child realizing the Easter eggs aren’t in that tree, so I’m going to stop going to that tree to find the eggs. They’re not there. God isn’t there.

David’s confidence (Psalms 34:15-22)

  • His presence
    • He has confidence in how the LORD responds to people.
    • His confidence is in the LORD hearing and doing His part
  • His protection
  • Salvation message at verse 22.