For David’s Sake (1 Samuel #28)

God’s promise of the kingdom is with David.

Finding help in the promise (vss 1-2)

  • Saul made it very hard for David to have any friends. Anyone who got close to David was suspicious to Saul.
  • These are the type of the people now flocking to David
    • Distress because of Saul’s wickedness.
    • Debt because of Saul’s wickedness no doubt.
    • Discontented with the world and life under Saul’s leadership.

David waits on the LORD and protects his family (vss 3-4)

David told to go to Judah (vs 5)

Saul slaughters a city for David’s sake (vss 6-19)

  • The ones closest to David will survive, but the ones on the peripheral don’t.
  • There is real danger when the name of David is there, but David is not.
  • There is real danger when the name of Jesus is there, but Jesus is not.

David says stay with him and you’ll be safe (vss 20-23)

  • Abide with me
  • Fear not
  • Even David applies this to himself. He encourages himself in the LORD’s promise even while the death of many innocent people weighs on his mind.
  • You need to apply this to Jesus Christ. The promise of God is with the LORD Jesus Christ. Therefore, abide with him and fear not. Why? Your soul will be safe if you do.