Prophecy (Genesis #45)

From Revelation 19:10 think of the spirit of prophecy like school spirit. If it’s the University of Texas, then that school spirit shows up in burnt orange and a longhorn icon. Those are manifestations of that spirit. That’s the spirit of a school. Now, the spirit of prophecy is not burnt orange or a longhorn, the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1:19-21 Peter says no prophecy is of private interpretation because it can’t be. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. Just like you can’t pick your own colors then create your own logo and call it school spirit. The University of Texas has colors and a logo that testify to who it is. Prophecy is the same way. It’s defined by the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Very early on in the scriptures, the LORD began testifying of Jesus Christ. That spirit of prophecy was either a direct statement about Jesus Christ. Or Jesus Christ was symbolized by something. Or characteristics of the Lord Jesus Christ were highlighted.

Genesis 22 is a turning point in Abraham’s life, but the chapter is about Jesus Christ. Here is 

  • Only-begotten son (Hebrews 11:17)
  • Substitutionary male sheep (Isaac isn’t going to be the sacrifice. Jesus Christ is the sacrifice. But Jesus isn’t there, so instead there is a male sheep that will be a substitute until the right time.)
  • Crown of thorns
  • In that mount, God’s substitution will be seen.
  • This becomes the Temple mount (2 Chronicles 3:1)
  • Blessing to the nations would be through Jesus Christ