Asa’s Life Lessons

2 Chronicles 14

  • Asa takes the throne and trusts the LORD by getting rid of the idols and seeking the LORD (vss 1-5). See verse 4.
  • Strengthened the cities of Judah putting up walls because he caused the nation to seek the LORD (vss 6-8). See verse 7.
  • Asa faces a terrible enemy and seeks help from the LORD (vss 9-15). See verses 11-12.

2 Chronicles 15

  • God moves the preacher to encourage Asa (vss 1-7). See verses 2 and 4.
  • Asa further removes the idols in the nation and restores the altar to the LORD in Ephraim. In 1 Kings 15:12 part of removing the idols in Judah was removing the Sodomites from the land. Ephraim is a mecca for idolatry for the northern tribes of Israel. Asa’s bold leadership inspires service to the LORD by many idolaters in Israel (vss 8-15). See verses 9-13 and 15.
  • Asa deals with idolatry in his own family – the royal family no less. He removes the idols in Judah, but the groves in the northern tribes of Israel stay. The northern tribes have their own king which is why  the groves don’t go away. Asa dedicates many more valuable things to the LORD’s service (vss 16-19).
  • God gives Asa many years of peace after this.

2 Chronicles 16

  • Asa makes a deal with the king of Syria who defeats his enemy (vss 1-6).
    • Notice that Asa’s plan works. He is successful. He is just successful w/o God.
  • Asa is insulted by the preacher (vss 7-10). See verse 9.
    • After trusting the LORD and seeing victories, if a person stops trusting the LORD, it is more costly in this life.
    • Asa’s pride is unchecked.
    • The message is the LORD actively looks to shew Himself strong to anyone looking for His strength!
  • Asa WILL not turn to the LORD anymore, even in his disease (vss 11-12). See verse 12.