world-mapWe joyfully support missionaries who are faithfully serving the Lord where He has called them.  Our support of missionaries includes monthly financial support, prayer support, and special offerings.  We believe it is such a vital part of the ministry of a local church that missionary support cannot be separated from the ministry.

Supported Missionaries

Mitch and Liz Muller – Mexico
Stacy and Jennifer Dassow – Peru
Roger and Karen Bowman – Mexico
Roger and Vivian Bayona – Philippines
Mike and Lattisha Dobbins – Zambia
James and Beverly Hoffmeister – Trinidad & Tobago
Richard and Oksana Maher – Ukraine
*********       – China
Mike and Christina Fluech – South Africa
Nicolaas and Adanna Verhoef – Switzerland/Austria
Jamie and Csilla Homan – Rome
Matt and Vickie Bernsdorff – Trinidad & Tobago
Mark and Ester Dunlap – Mozambique
Andrew and Egla Shields – Mexico
Jacob and Lydia Jones – Cocopah Indians

Missionary Inquiries

We would love to take on more missionaries and due to the volume of requests we receive and the Lord’s direction we’d like to know more about you.  Please call or email us at (361) 358-1611 or email us at bbbcya@gmail.com.