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Daniel’s Wise Appeal

Pass this on!Google+FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintText: Daniel 1:8-16 Scriptural conviction Daniel 1:8 – Daniel purposed in his heart… would not defile himself Check your heart first Scriptural convictions will be heard by God Desire to please God & keep your conscience pure This is not about opinions – “My way” – not about […]

Wisdom’s Companionship (Proverbs #18)

Pass this on!Google+FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintText: Proverbs 6:20-7:27 Wisdom’s Companionship (vss 20-23) Because adultery and fornication are going to be the wrong kind of companionship Lead thee, Leadership keep thee, Protection talk with thee, Communication, I hear the right voice is a lamp, for my steps light, for my future way of life, […]

Wisdom’s Business (Proverbs #17)

Pass this on!Google+FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrint(No audio available on this lesson.) Text: Proverbs 6:1-19 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 – Set of ethics and how to conduct your affairs so you can do three things: maintain your testimony, avoid getting snared or yoked with an unnecessary yoke, provide for those you are responsible for. Careful […]

Wisdom’s Discretion (Proverbs #16)

Pass this on!Google+FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintStrange woman is not just a prostitute.  Solomon was led into idolatry by strange women who he made his wives.  Nehemiah addresses the worldly culture that had been brought into Israel through mixed marriages.  The relationship will sink to the lowest common denominator. Discretion is saying no to […]

Generational Wisdom (Proverbs #14)

Pass this on!Google+FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintText: Proverbs 4:1-9 Generational wisdom, in short, is something called experience.  It is one thing to learn from your own experience – School of Hard Knocks – but that’s a fool’s way to learn if he learns at all.  This is learning from someone else’s experience. There are […]