Trusting God (Psalm #13)

Text: Psalm 13

The theme of this psalm is found in verse five, But I have trusted in thy mercy.  Trust is not trust if you stop having it when you need it.  There are adverse circumstances that would cause David to doubt God.  There are many songs, like this psalm, that are born out of adversity.  Likewise there are many songs born out of adversity that never get out of adversity.  They just wallow in the mire. But you’ll notice many psalms deal with adversity and trouble, but end on a high note.  This psalm describes what it means to trust God.

Now, God is merciful whether you trust in His mercy or not.  But perseverance, perspective, peace, prayer all hinge on whether or not you’re going to trust in a merciful God.

Perseverance is a result of trusting God’s mercy

  • Trusting God means giving the only true merciful God the benefit of the doubt when the doubts begin to show up.
  • Trusting God when He seems to have forgotten
    • How long wilt thou forget me?
  • Trusting God when He doesn’t allow you to see His hand in it
    • How long wilt thou hide thy face from me?
    • I can’t see God in this
  • Trusting God when you feel like you’re talking to yourself
    • I keep having conversations with myself.  …take counsel in my soul… means I feel like I’m talking to myself

Prayer is a result of trusting God’s mercy

  • Your prayer life is a direct result of what you believe about God’s mercy.
  • David is trusting God to consider his case.
  • David is trusting God to be reasonable.

Perspective is a result of trusting God’s mercy

  • Trusting God changed his attitude.
  • So the answer to all the “how long” questions in verses one and two is found in trusting, rejoicing, and singing.
  • Joy of thy salvation – rejoice in thy salvation…
  • Joy of the Lord is your strength…

Praise is a result of trusting God’s mercy

  • Sing about the things that minister to you.  You enjoy the music makes you feel good.
  • Bountiful dealings of the Lord are much more than charity.  Bountiful is more than giving, but also giving with a kind spirit.  It also means giving more than the recipient actually needs.
  • Bountiful dealings of the Lord include:
    • His words
    • His salvation
    • His Holy Spirit
    • A church to be a part of a raise your children in.
    • Hope to look forward to.
    • Home other than this world.
  • A Mighty Fortress is Our God story