Corrupt Priests (Malachi #5)

Levi’s covenant with God

  • Moses is from the tribe of Levi and Moses is a man God finds faithful. God chooses Moses to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt.
  • Aaron is Moses’ brother and Aaron becomes the high priest to the nation of Israel.
  • Aaron has a grandson named Phinehas. Phinehas would prove his faithfulness to God in an incredible way.
    • Numbers 25:1-13
    • Psalm 106:30
    • Deuteronomy 33:8-10 such was the dedication of Levi to the things of God under Phinehas that Moses said even family would come second to God. If God went one way and mom went another, Levi’s heritage would follow God. If God went one way and dad went another, Levi’s heritage would follow God.
    • But now, 1000 years later, the priesthood was so corrupt that God hated their practice of religion.
  • The Levites had a hard job.

Heart issue

  • God’s problem is with those designated to teach the words of God have bad hearts.
  • See verse 2, if ye will not lay it to heart…
  • Not that they didn’t go to church. Not that they didn’t name the name of God. These were teachers of the Bible.

Failed Responsibilities (vss 7-9)

  • Supposed to be God’s messengers.
  • Supposed to seek God’s words to administrate them.
  • But they’ve caused people to blaspheme God and the blame is laid on them.
  • They’ve drug the covenant through the manure.
  • Therefore God would do the same with them.