Scorned Blessings (Exodus #23)

Text: Exodus 16

Provision of prayer

  • Verse 3 failure
  • Murmuring is a word that sounds like what it is. The word shows up eight times in this chapter alone.
    • This is what we do instead of prayer.
    • This is what we do to spread our misery.
    • This is what we do to help our situation.
    • Murmuring frustrates God.

Provision of leadership

  • Verses 7-8 failure
  • Murmuring against God (vss 8-12)
    • Israelites think this is Moses’ fault, but by now they ought to know that this is the leadership of the LORD.
    • But we need a target we can see.

Provision of food

  • Verses 17-18 provision
  • Verse 20 failure

Provision of rest

  • Verse 23 provision
  • Verses 27-28 failure