Sudden Sorrow of the Stubborn (Amos #12)

Text: Amos 4:6-13

Stubborn against God (vss 6-11)

  • They’d rather starve than turn to God (vs 6)
    • Turning to God is so unappetizing, they’d rather go hungry.
  • They’d rather die of thirst than turn to God (vss 7-8)
  • They’d rather have their hard work devoured by corruption than turn to God (vs 9)
    • Household become full of arguing and fighting
    • Holy Spirit of God is a nuisance, not a power
    • Church not a blessing
  • They’d rather wallow under a curse than turn to God (vs 10)
  • They’d rather have their lives burned up than turn to God (vs 11)
  • Won’t turn even though problems are compounded.
    • It is incredible the extremes people will go to in order to avoid God.  Pharaoh watched his nation get overthrown and destroyed and just stiffened up against God.
    • Revelation 9:13-21
    • Men are not convinced with God’s approaches to them to turn.
    • People say, Oh yea, I’m a Christian.  The truth is, not only are you not a Christian, but you’re so disinterested in God’s ways, you’re determined to do your own thing regardless of personal cost to you.
  • Stupidity of stubborness.
    • You dig your heels in when God speaks to you.  To what end? You plant your feet firmly as if you know this won’t turn out good, but you’re not turning no matter what.
    • You determine to ignore God’s instruction and create spiritual callousness.
    • Ephesians 4:17-19 spiritual callous so there is no feeling anymore.

Suddenly apprehended by God (vss 2, 12)

  • Thus will I do unto thee is a reference to the beginning of the chapter.  He will drag them out with hooks and fishhooks.  The slaughter is coming.
  • Brace for impact…
  • Proverbs 29:1 He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.
  • Stubborn people are unprepared to meet God
    • Godless resolve for whatever reason:
    • Maybe you’ve lived too long to care about being right with God
    • Maybe you’ve got too much experience to care about being right with God
    • Maybe you’re too angry at others to care about being right with God
    • Maybe you’re too angry at God to care about being right with God
    • Maybe you’re too lazy spiritually to care about being right with God
    • Maybe you lack of character to care about being right with God
    • Whatever the excuse for your impenitent heart is doesn’t matter, your stubbornness is an indication you’re unprepared to meet God.  At this point all that can be said is brace for impact.
  • People prepare for a lot of things, but not the most important thing.
    • Prepare if going to court
    • Prepare if meeting the president
    • Prepare if going on a trip
    • But when it comes to God people believe they’re fine.  Church goers particularly believe they’re fine.
  • The unrepentant heart is the unprepared heart.

Supreme God Almighty (vs 13)

  • Appointment with God Almighty
    • Meet the God of the mountains.  Fear God.  People don’t like that phrase, but if the God of the mountains ever shook the land under your feet you would run for fear.
    • Meet the God of the wind.   Fear God.  People don’t like that phrase, but if the God of the wind ever sent fierce winds around your home and the branches began to blow off, and the roof began to tear off, you’d hide in fear.
    • Meet the God who has told you what he thinks about your life.
    • Meet the God who turns the morning dark
    • Meet the God who is high above all things
  • All the things you thought were gods are not gods.  All the things you thought were protections aren’t protections.  All the reasons you gave for not turning are not reasons at all.

Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: