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My name is Bryan Boatman and I am the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Beeville, Texas. When I was about ten years old my mom led me to the Lord Jesus Christ after a week of being under such heavy conviction of sin I could not bear it anymore. We knelt down and prayed beside her bed and from that point on in my life the relationship I had with the Lord Jesus Christ was very real. Every decision I made was in my mind and heart filtered through the relationship I had with the Lord Jesus Christ. His presence in my life was my constant companion whether in obedience or rebellion.

Around the age of 20, I began to hear the call to preach and was at the same time attending Bible Baptist Church in Beeville, Texas while meeting in the storefront with Pastor Bevans Welder.  When he moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, where I already lived, I began attending Bro. Welder’s church plant that would become Bible Believers Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, TX.

During this time I met my wife, Marybeth, who is a precious gift from God. I can’t imagine life without her loving support. All through the years with Brother Welder, pastoring appeared to be the end goal and sure enough it was. After twelve years of serving with Bro. Welder on staff while working in the oilfield to support our family I was led back to Beeville. In March of 2014 Marybeth, our four kids and I began making plans to move to Victoria, Texas to plant a church, but God had other plans.

In late  April of 2014  I was informed that Bible Baptist Church pastor was returning to North Carolina and I was asked to fill the pulpit until such a time as a pastor could be found.  We happily did so and through the process of time the Lord’s will became clear in the matter.  On July 13, 2014 Bible Baptist Church voted unanimously for her new pastor.

It is my hope and prayer that our church will be a light and a testimony to Beeville and the surrounding areas.  And that the Lord will use Bible Baptist Church to minister the words of God faithfully, preach the gospel, and grow the saints in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ until the Lord Jesus Christ returns for His people.