Cancelling Debt

Unredeemed people (vss 1-5)

  • The people are in bondage, serving a master that holds their debt.
  • Unprecedented times perhaps in our generation, but pandemics have happened before. The Spanish Flu of 1918 is an example almost identical to our current pandemic. There are some differences like the mortality rate was much higher. Victims of the virus were healthy young people, or most anyone eligible for the war. There was no social media. But most of the actions taken by the government then mirror what’s happening now.
  • The world right now is a servant to this Coronavirus.

Restored people (vss 6-13)

  • Free, liberated, means you’re no longer servicing debt.
  • Romans 6:16-22, 8:9-12
  • Cancelled debt is like income. If all your debt was cancelled today, you wouldn’t need 3 or 4 thousand dollars a month to live on. You might need a few hundred dollars.
  • Maybe differ payments without penalty? If people can be told not to go to work, banks can be told to stop going to work as well. If people are told they can’t make a living for a while, then banks can be told they can’t make a living for a while too.

Right ruler (vss 14-19)

  • Did not charge the people because of their bondage.
  • Right ruler seeks to loose the people from their bondage.
  • Ruling in the fear of God.