Honor for Honor (1 Samuel #4)

Honor for Honor

Text: 1 Samuel 2:27-36

Squandered honor (vss 27-29)

  • God reminds Eli of his presence in verse 27
  • God reminds Eli of his position in verse 28
  • God reminds Eli of his provision in verse 28
  • God’s indictment of Eli that he’s honored his kids above God in verse 29. The things of God that were entrusted to Eli’s family have all suffered because Eli would not correct his children.

Sentenced to dishonor (vss 30-33)

  • God’s principle at work in verse 30
    • Honor for honor
    • Your lineage, your first birth isn’t going to cut it
  • God will cut off the children from Eli’s house since they’re lives are spent dishonoring God in verse 31. It will cost Eli “an arm and a leg” we would say.
  • Eli had already let the enemy into God’s house spiritually, and now God would allow the enemy to come in physically. (You see cities in the US burning, that is a physical product of the spiritual seeds that have been sown for years and years. The wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God.)
  • God will remove Eli’s children as judgment on a family tasked with taking care of the things of God, but abandoning that call in verse 33.

Sign of God’s honor (vss 34-36)

  • God will remove the dishonorable ones in one day according to verse 34.
  • God will raise up a faithful priest. The faithful priest that Eli will see is Samuel just to make it clear that the Lord will honor those who honor Him.
  • But Samuel is a type of the great High Priest to come which is Jesus Christ.
    • Just like Samuel is to represent Jesus Christ, so Christians are to represent Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ is the great High Priest who will ultimately honor God the Father in all things and the Father will in turn honor him.
    • Build him a house
    • He will walk before God the Father forever.
    • People will beg to be in Christ’s priesthood.