A Psalm to Move God (Psalm #74)

A Psalm to Move God

Text: Psalm 74

This prayer by Asaph is a model prayer for a few reasons that we’ll consider this evening. Asaph is a common name. There is an Asaph in David’s day, there is also an Asaph who is contemporary with Jeremiah. That Asaph is probably the author of this psalm based on what’s said here about the enemies coming into the sanctuary and synagogues.

God is obviously interested in HIS work (vss 1-2)

  • Prayer remembering God’s work, not mine
  • Remember what you paid for (vs 2)
  • Remember your redemption (vs 2)
  • Remember the place your house (vs 2)
  • ….working salvation in the midst of the earth… (vs 12)
  • Verses 13-17 describe God as Creator and sustainer of nature
  • Daniel 9:16-19

God is moved when HIS name is at stake (vss 3-11)

  • Prayer based on what the enemy has done to the name of God
  • …THINE enemies roar in THY congregations… (vs 4)
  • Verses 5-6 At one time in our country men were renowned for building the house of God, now they are renowned for destroying it. Once the famous men were godly, now the famous ones are the ungodly.
  • …THY sanctuary…defiled by casting down the dwelling place of THY name… (vs 7)
  • …burned up the synagogues of GOD… (vs 8)
  • …blaspheme THY name for ever? (vss 10, 18)
  • …thy turtledove… thy poor… (vs 19)
  • Verse 22 Plead God’s cause because God is reproached daily
  • …thine enemies… against thee… (vs 23)
  • One thing is true of the man praying is that he’s on the Lord’s side. If he’s praying for the LORD to deal with God’s enemies then the man praying must not be an enemy of God. This is why praying in accordance and living in accordance with the words of God are important. If you want the LORD to remove trouble, but you’re a part of the trouble, then to answer that prayer you’ll have to go.

Get involved in God’s work and watch HIM move

  • Our prayers replace THINE with MINE. We say MY enemies are hurting me. We say Lord help ME because people are speaking bad about ME.
  • Now go to the New Testament in John 14 and see what God is pleased with: John 14:13-14, 26, 15:16, 16:23-24, 26. In my name means if your prayers have to do with something God is doing in Christ which is everything He’s doing at this point, He will not withhold what is needed to accomplish what He’s doing in Christ, period. What In my name DOESN’T mean is that if I tack on “in Jesus name” to the end of my prayer then those are the magic words to get what I want.
  • It’s about HIS work. It’s about you being a part of HIS work. And the LORD provides for HIS work. James 4:3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.
  • But with this in mind, you want to see God working? You want to see God answer prayers? Start laboring in God’s field and watch what He’ll do to make sure you have the tools necessary and needs provided for to get HIS work done.