Abraham’s Hospitality (Genesis #

Abraham’s hospitality

Text: Genesis 18

Throughout the Bible there are accounts of people showing kindness to prophets, preachers, or just God’s representatives and being rewarded for that kindness. There was a widow in Sarepta who housed and fed Elijah sacrificially and was rewarded with food for the rest of her life. There was a woman in Shunem who made a place for Elisha and was rewarded with a child for it. But here is the original kindness. Abraham and Sarah make a place for the LORD and His angels.

Abraham and Sarah made room for God in their home (vss 1-8)

  • These three men are apparently angels and the Lord and the LORD. They weren’t necessarily planning on stopping by Abraham’s house. They are headed to Sodom according to verses 20-22. It’s Abraham that goes out to meet them and show them hospitality.
  • Abraham desires a visit with the LORD (vs 2) …and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door…
  • Abraham wants to bless the LORD even though it is an inconvenience to he and Sarah (vss 3-5).
  • Abraham hasted and ran, he served God purposefully not lazily. But even moreso, Sarah accommodates Abraham’s desire though it’s sprung on her.

Kindness is rewarded (vss 9-15)

  • Visitation at the time of life – 9 months from now.
  • Great question for the faithless; is any thing too hard for the LORD?

Abraham commands his household well (vss 16-22)

  • He’s messed up along the way, but ultimately Abraham will follow the LORD.
  • And ultimately Abraham’s seed, the LORD Jesus Christ, will keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment.
  • He’s given understanding from the LORD because of their hospitality.
  • He’s shown the judgment of God.

Abraham’s righteous prayer (vss 23-33)

  • Prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
  • The LORD answers yes to everything Abraham asks.