False Guilt

Guilt is an incredibly powerful thing. It’s universal. In some cultures it’s stronger than in others. But it’s one of these things that undermines a natural explanation for humanity. Things like evolution don’t explain death and they don’t explain the relationship and emotion of guilt.

False guilt is also one of those deceitful emotions that has a broad application across many relationships.

  • Religious guilt
  • Victim guilt – What did I do to cause this? This is my fault.
  • Survivor guilt after a traumatic event.
  • Mom/Parent guilt
  • Caregiver guilt
  • State/Legal guilt
  • Racial guilt

Results of false guilt

  • There is no joy, just duties that you can never do enough of.
  • Never accomplished, never doing enough.
  • Prison, bondage
  • Unnecessary sorrow – Matthew 23:1-4
  • 2 Corinthians 2:4-11 accuser of the brethren gets an advantage

Methods of manipulation

  • Accusations – You don’t love me.
  • Never acknowledging accomplishments – Constantly move the goalposts.

Getting rid of false guilt

  • Know there is a difference between God’s conviction and someone else’s accusation. Hopeful, there is a solution. Not harmful, no way out.
  • Set up boundaries to prevent accusations. (Financial transactions in organizations)
  • Get to the truth. If a good lawyer is defending an innocent person, his job is to make sure the truth comes out.
  • Deal with specific accusations. (There is no such thing as racial guilt. Races don’t commit crimes, individuals do.)
  • An advocate, Romans 8:33-34.