Lessons from Sarah’s Death (Genesis #46)

Sarah’s death (vss 1-2)

  • Sarah is possibly the only woman in the Bible whose age is given at her death.
  • It looks like Sarah’s death is surprising and unexpected.

Stranger in the world (vss 3-16)

  • Notice what it means to be a stranger.
  • No home.
  • No place in death.
  • Testimony is important. Abraham has a good testimony among these folks.

Significance of the sepulchre (vss 17-20)

  • Her burial place becomes the place where Abraham is buried, Isaac and Rebekah are buried, and Jacob and Leah are buried.
  • It becomes the place where David rules for seven years of his kingdom before moving to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 2:11).
  • It’s one of the few places in the promised land that is not fought for, it is paid for with money.