Joseph (Christmas Mercy)

Joseph’s mercy

Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Consider the testimony of God the Father of this man. God chose this man as the caretaker of his only begotten son in perhaps God’s most vulnerable time on this earth: God as a baby, in diapers. Joseph is a moral man …before they came together, she was found with child… (1:18). But he is met with circumstantial evidence that looks bad on his fiance. The LORD characterizes Joseph as a just man.

His mercy

  • …was minded to put her away privily. (1:19)
  • Joseph is a gentle man who rules his spirit well.
  • Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
  • Mercy endears people to the merciful.
    • 2 Timothy 1:16-18 The Lord give mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus; for he oft refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chain: 17 But, when he was in Rome, he sought me out very diligently, and found me. 18 The Lord grant unto him that he may find mercy of the Lord in that day: and in how many things he ministered unto me at Ephesus, thou knowest very well.
  • Proverbs 11:17 The merciful man doeth good to his own soul: but he that is cruel troubleth his own flesh.
  • Again, Joseph is a gentle man who rules his spirit well.
    • Instead of getting on Facebook or Instagram to post a jab about how people he loved have betrayed him, without naming names of course. Instead of that, in his pain he considers how he’d like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.
    • Proverbs 10:20, 31 The tongue of the just is as choice silver… 31 The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom…
    • Isaiah 26:7 The way of the just is uprightness…
  • There is a great lesson here on not letting your emotions be your guide. Sometimes you have all the information, sometimes you don’t.

His consolation

  • Hosea 14:9 …for the ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk in them…
  • Joseph is given peace about what the LORD is doing because he simply believes what God said about the situation. The peace of God is the result of faith in what God said.
  • The words of God gave him peace about a very touchy situation.
    • By faith, Joseph has peace about the virgin birth.
    • By faith Joseph moves his family to Egypt until Herod dies.

His walk

  • Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him… (1:24-25) Joseph walks by faith.
  • Habakkuk 2:4 …but the just shall live by his faith.
  • With the heart man believeth unto righteousness. This is not theoretical or theological or abstract righteousness. Belief unto righteousness is practical righteousness.
  • In chapter 2:12 Joseph is warned by God to move to Egypt for a while and he does.
    • Proverbs 11:9 …but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.
    • Proverbs 12:13 …the just shall come out of trouble.