Perfected Praise

Text: Matthew 21:16

Emphasis on perfection

  • The LORD is in the perfecting business.
  • Perfecting saints
  • Perfect ways
  • Perfected praise

Embodiment of perfected praise

  • Verse 15 shows these are not physical children, so yet again the LORD shows the truth to be a spiritual, like the new birth, not physical.
  • Children of God
  • Desiring the sincere milk of the word

Exercise of perfect praise

  • Where is the praise located in this verse?
  • Maybe you’ve heard or said that Jesus is in your heart. That can be such an excuse. Mostly because if his glory only resides in your heart, then it’s not developed yet. And maybe it’s not even there?!
  • How about at your child’s game? Do you just have their praise in your heart or is it in your mouth? Why? An abundance of love and affection for your children.
  • Confession made to salvation