Surprise, It’s Joseph! (Genesis #77)

Text: Genesis 45

Joseph reveals himself (vss 1-15)

  • A testimony to how God works all things for good to them that love Him and are called according to His word.
  • Didn’t end the trouble, but brought hope to the family.
  • Not only to find out that Joseph was alive, but his place in the trouble was reassuring. And his understanding of what was to come and how it would be navigated was powerful

Joseph sends out his brethren (vss 16-24)

  • He equips them for their journey with more than they need just to prove he is who he is.
  • He also gives them wagons to return with the entire family. So not only are they sent out well equipped for the journey, but the means of their return to the palace are provided as well.
  • He opens the treasures of the kingdom to be at their disposal for their journey.
  • He instructs them not to fail in getting home to Jacob (Israel).

Joseph’s life brings life to Jacob (vss 25-28)

  • Jacob, who is Israel, supposed Joseph dead and now finds out that he’s alive!
  • Israel’s grief is revealed to be unfounded; Joseph was never dead.
  • Jacob is alive and revived because of Joseph!