Poor Judgment

Text: 1 Corinthians 6

Carnality leads to personality cults and then very poor judgment in this chapter (vss 1-12). Know ye not – Don’t you know! (vss 2,3,9,15,16, and 19).

You’ve been given the judgments of God, the discernment of the spirit of God, yet you don’t have enough sense to make good judgments?! (vss 1-3)

Apparently, whoever is running things there are fools. Get someone who isn’t esteemed to make decisions because the people you’re esteeming can’t seem to make good decisions! Whoever’s in charge needs to step down. You don’t have enough sense to see what the outside world thinks of God because of you?! Guess what, the church isn’t all about you. You didn’t bleed for God’s people. This isn’t your church. This is God’s church. Remember? You took HIS name. He didn’t take your name. (vss 4-6)

Hypocrites hold others to higher standards than they hold themselves. You do the same things that you’re mad at that guy for doing (vss 7-8). Get over yourself!

Paul in frustration asks how hard is this to understand that these people who are these things aren’t a part of God’s kingdom. Being discerning is not that hard! This is not rocket science. Especially if you were saved out of this stuff you know that God works to get you OUT of it, not put you in it! (vss 9-11).

Don’t you understand that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it?! As Paul brings the conversation back around to the specific problem the Corinthians are dealing with which is fornication in the congregation (vss 12-14).

Are you a Christian? Then it’s not your body, your choice. It’s the Lord’s body now. (vss 15-17)

You’re all for being bought with the blood of Christ when it comes to forgiveness, but not ownership.

Flee fornication. Verse 20 is the point. You don’t get to say God knows I love him in my heart. He paid for your body, if you have eternal life. You don’t get to say he knows my heart. Great, love him with your heart, but love him with your body too. Get your body conformed to his will as well. Glorify God in your spirit and your body! Get the behavior right and quit saying you love God with your heart while you misbehave. (vss 18-20)