Jesus is the Christ (Luke #10)

Text: Luke 3:15-38

The question arose about John the Baptist and whether or not he was the Christ. His ministry so stirred the consciences of the people that hearers began to wonder whether he was Christ or not. In six months of preaching, John the Baptist had gained the attention of the nation of Israel and hammered the religious leadership in place at the temple. He was wild and unconnected to any titles or payments that man would give him. The only thing he cared about was serving God’s purpose for his life by pointing people in the direction of Jesus. And when people began to say John was the Christ, he immediately corrected them saying,…

Jesus Christ is superior

  • John’s baptism of repentance by water as a public testimony that one was looking for the forgiveness of sins. John said, I can put you under the water, but I can’t pour out the Spirit of God on you.
    • John’s preaching of Jesus is that he is mightier and more worthy and noble and holy than anyone. God said John was the prophet of the Most High and this is what that prophet said about Jesus Christ.
      • He’s not a philosopher I could have coffee with. He’s a holy man sent from heaven who is so far above me I’m not worthy to latch his sandals.
      • He’s not a good teacher with some good ideas. He’s the Son of the living God who has given me the privilege to prepare His way.
      • He’s not a revolutionary who turned a culture on its head. He’s the bedrock and architect of the Hebrew culture. He is the purpose of the Hebrew culture.
      • Jesus didn’t come into our house to guide us. We were invited into His house to be blessed!
    • Some have said John is preaching a Jewish gospel as a mixture of Jesus plus going back under Moses’ law. John is not pointing people to Moses. He is pointing them to Jesus Christ!
  • Jesus Christ would baptize with the Holy Spirit of God.
    • It started in Jerusalem after the resurrection and spread outward like a ripple effect to all nations. It was the pouring out of God’s Spirit on all flesh. Luke records the progress in Acts.
    • People could be sealed with the Holy Spirit of God and filled with the Holy Spirit of God. This is God’s purpose. In Christ Jesus, God would create a holy people with a holy calling through His Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ would also baptize with fire.
    • This isn’t a good baptism. You don’t want this one. It’s described as the purging of HIS floor and the burning up of the chaff.
    • 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10
  • Many other things… John also preached that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world (John 3:27-36), that Jesus must increase, that you must believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Jesus is magnified and John is minimized (vss 19-20)

  • John’s ministry ends with his arrest and the death penalty by beheading.
  • Herod’s throne in Galilee. John expected Herod to obey God’s revealed instruction and that got him killed.
  • Herodias was the angry one. She would not put up with John the Baptist. Herod seemed very torn between wanting to hear John, and his wife’s revenge against John the Baptist.

Jesus Christ is fullness of the Godhead bodily

  • Christ submits to John’s water baptism to prepare the way for forgiveness of sins.
  • Jesus Christ is approved by the Father and accompanied by the Holy Spirit of God
  • For the first time in 76 generations of man, after billions of people have lived and died, for the first time in history, the Father speaks from Heaven to say, This is my Son in whom I am well pleased. Now, let the real work of forgiveness of sins and turning darkness to light, and rescuing sinners begin! Jesus Christ is here!