Remember the Words of Life (2 Peter)

Peter will remind the congregation of the words of life that need to be held onto. These are Peter’s last recorded words to the believers he was ministering to.

Words of life are about Christ Jesus
1:2 Grace and peace through the knowledge of God by the words of God
1:3 All things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
1:4 partakers of the divine nature by the promises given in the words of life
1:13-15 Let me remind you of these words of life so when I’m dead you’ll have them
1:16 Peter was a witness to the incarnate Word of God and was not following someone else’s story
1:19 The word of life is the word of Christ, it is prophecy, it is sure, it is scripture. It is authored by the Holy Ghost.

Words of life rejected
2:1 But there were false prophets…
2:5-19 These false prophets lead people into perdition and destruction with their mouths
2:20 the nation of Israel was given light and the knowledge of God in Jesus Christ, but turned from it, and for many it would’ve been better had they never had a relationship with God to begin with (Romans 1 and 9). Notice the holy commandment delivered unto THEM!

Remember the words of life
3:2 the words of life are the promise of hope
3:7 the words of life are also the declaration of judgment and renewal
3:14 don’t lose hope and forget the words of life
3:15 Paul recorded similar and sophisticated words of life that people misapplied, but you haven’t
3:17 don’t be led astray, grow in the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ by the words of life