Spiritual Gifts (Exodus #44)

Text: Exodus 31:1-11

As Moses receives instruction about the Tabernacle, he also receives instruction about who will oversee the nuts and bolts of this work.

A better understanding of being filled with the Spirit of God

  • In verse 3 of our text Bezaleel is said to be filled with the spirit of God. Does this mean salvation? Does this mean justification? No. What does this mean?
  • It means God has a design for a Tabernacle that He intends to be built by Israelites. The spirit of God filled Moses with this knowledge and filled Bezaleel with these instructions.
  • How did God fill these men with His spirit? Through His words.
  • The filling of the spirit takes place in the blueprints we’ve been reading about for the last few chapters.
  • Spiritual gifts cannot be separated from the words of God.

Spiritual gifts

  • Now, when the word of God is combined with your talents or your resources, then there is an opportunity to serve God. It’s the same principle that says God will use what you have
  • Bezaleel is not a character in the Matrix movie where abilities are downloaded into the brain in seconds. No, Bezaleel is a talented and skilled carpenter. The LORD will give him blueprints showing him how to use his skills in the service of God
  • Financial expertise? Put it to use in God’s service. Technological expertise? Put it to use in God’s service. Musical ability? Put it to use in God’s service. Have you studied and are you a learned Bible student? Paul was. Let God use you to explain the Bible to others.

Willing hearts

  • Finally, the LORD uses willing hearts. The offerings for the tabernacle came from willing people. The offerings were not confiscated. And those administrating and overseeing the work here to build the tabernacle were willing-hearted people
  • Exodus 36:1-2
  • If a man desire the office of a bishop is what Paul said. The call is for those willing and equipped to do the job.
  • We’ve placed too much emphasis on a feeling from a verse in a sermon by labeling it a “call.” Does God equip those He calls or does He call those who He’s equipped? The later.