Gospel to the Nations (Romans #24)

Gospel to all nations

Text: Romans 15

(One Body)

Jews and Gentiles are unified in Christ in the New Covenant (vss 1-7)

  • Continuation of doctrine of peace in chapter 14 and instruction on getting along.
  • Selflessness because Jesus Christ was selfless. This is how a person claiming Jesus Christ honors Jesus Christ.
  • One mind among all so there is not different salvation or doctrines for Jews and Gentiles. God’s plan is that all his people would be like-minded.
  • John 17:11, 22

Gentiles were always part of God’s plan (vss 8-12)

  • Jesus ministry to the Jews was not to the exclusion of the Gentiles. Only for a period of time were the apostles sent to the Jews. But even within the gospels, they are then sent outside Israel. So the command to go to the Jews only was for a very specific time. It wasn’t to preach a different doctrine or salvation to the Jews.
  • Psalm 18:49, 66:1-4, 68:32, 117:1
  • Deuteronomy 32:43
  • Isaiah 11:1,10, 42:10-12
  • Truly, there are so many Psalms and so many verses in the prophets that talk about the Gentiles being included in this that Paul could not possibly list all of them in this brief letter.

Paul defends his liberty to reach the Gentiles (vss 13-21)

  • He cites the prophets first.
  • Now he gives personal accounts of ministry among the Gentiles. Verse 18 Paul says I’m not going to talk about things that haven’t happened. I’m relaying things that have happened to make the Gentiles obedient to the faith of Jesus Christ.
  • Those things include words, deeds, signs, wonders (vss 18-19), so the gospel would be fully preached among the heathen.
    • But I thought signs were for Jews? That’s a misapplied sound byte. Paul did wonders before lots of heathen people.
    • Acts 15 Paul and Barnabas recount the miracles and wonders done among the Gentiles to the apostles in Jerusalem.
    • Acts 19:11-12 Paul is healing heathen people with handkerchiefs and aprons.
    • Acts 28 Paul is bitten by a venomous snake among the Maltese people but nothing happens to him and they marvel at the event.
  • The places Christ was not named were Gentile cities. That’s what Paul is talking about. He then quotes Isaiah 52:15 to apply to his ministry.

Paul faced all kinds of opposition trying to get the gospel to the Gentiles (vss 22-24)

Paul will be taking an offering back to Jerusalem (vss 25-29)

  • Paul is bringing an offering back to Jerusalem, but he has ulterior motives. He thinks Jerusalem still has a chance to repent and accept that Jesus is the Christ.
  • Paul said the Gentiles had an obligation to the believers in Jerusalem to support them financially.

Paul knows the danger in Jerusalem (vss 30-33)

  • This is the city that killed the prophets.
  • This is the whore that John spoke of in Revelation that turned her back on her god.

Gospel to all nations