Full Commentary of Numbers


Numbers is about WHO is going into the inheritance.

The First Census

Ch. 1 – Census of Israel
Ch. 2 – The arrangement of the tribes of Israel
Ch. 3-4 – Levites are counted and assigned to duties
Ch. 5 – Leporous are put out of the camp and the adulterers are put out of the camp
Ch. 6 – Nazarite vows
Ch. 7-8 – the first offerings brought in by the nation
Ch. 9- the first passover in the wilderness celebrated and given further instruction
Ch. 10 – the cloud begins to move and the people begin to move with the cloud
Ch. 11-12 – Complaints about Moses’ leadership really begin. Some people complain and wont move so they are burned up at Taberah. Then they complain about their food. God sends them quail. Miriam and Aaron complain about Moses’ marriage.
Ch. 13 – Send spies, ten return with an evil report, but Joshua and Caleb come back w/good news.
Ch. 14 – The nation is discouraged and frustrated by the evil report and decides not to go into the promised land. God and Moses now choose whether to even stay with the nation. God is tested ten times which means the ten spies with the evil report in 14:22. In verses 30-34 the nation is told now they’re stuck in the wilderness for 40 years and this generation has chosen to not to enter the promised land will not enter it, but die in the wilderness. Then some of them change their mind and try to fight the Amalekites and Canaanites, but Moses warns them that God isn’t with them anymore. These men die in Hormah, verse 45.
Ch. 15 –  Ignorant sin versus presumptuous sin when you get into the land. There is one law for strangers and Israelites. The presumptuous one has despised the word of the LORD and, therefore, has been cut off from his people. The man gathering stick on the sabbath is stoned. The garments are hemmed with blue ribboned hems to remember the law of the LORD.
Ch. 16 – Korah, Dathan, and Abiram lead a sedition against Moses.
Ch. 17 – Aaron’s rod budded to prove Aaron is anointed.
Ch. 18 – The tithe belongs to the Levites.
Ch. 19 – The red heifer law of cleansing from touching dead things.
Ch. 20 – Miriam dies in Kadesh. People complain to Moses that they’re all going to die. Moses hits the rock twice and is corrected by God. Moses sends ambassadors to Edom to let them pass, but Edom rejects the offer. Then Aaron dies and Eleazer is made high priest.
Ch. 21 – Israel is attacked at Hormah (again). They make a deal with God to defend them and defeat the Canaanites there. Fiery serpents episode. Israel moves through the wilderness, attempt negotiations but to no avail. They fight Og King of Bashan, Sihon king of the Amorites and end up in Moab, on the other side of Jordan.
Ch. 22-24 Israel is bewitched by Balaam who was hired by Balak, king of Moab.
Ch. 25 – Fornication in Moab with Midianites, the plague kills many people, Phinehas, Aaron’s grandson stops the plague be killing the public fornicators and the LORD commits his righteousness to Phinehas’ family.

The Second Census

Ch. 26 – A second census prior to entering the promised land.
Ch. 27 – The issue of no male heirs. Joshua named successor of Moses.
Ch. 28-29 – The law of offerings and holidays in their seasons is given to this generation.
Ch. 30 – Laws concerning women making contracts.
Ch. 31 – War with the Midianites. Division of the spoils. Whatever survives being purified by fire 
Ch. 32 – 
Ch. 33 – 
Ch. 34 –
Ch. 35 – 
Ch. 36 –