The Earth (Genesis #4)

Text: Genesis 1:9-13

On day three the Lord will do three things. He will gather the waters under the firmament together and call them Seas. He will bring dry land out and call it Earth. Then He will seed the earth and the earth will bring forth grass and herbs and trees and fruit.

Designs in rocks

  • Dry ground and types of soil
    • Sandy
    • Silty
    • Clay
    • Chalk
    • Pete
  • Rock
  • Metals
  • Precious stones.
  • Granite and polonium rings evidence of nearly instant creation.

Designs genetics, everything after its kind.

  • 30-40 plants just in our yard
  • Plants are food.
  • Plants are building materials.
  • Plants are medicines.
  • Plants are perfumes.
  • Plants are filters to process C02 into oxygen.
  • Plants are “solar power panels”
  • Seed in itself