His Great Name (Matthew #59)

Text: Matthew 12:14-21

Jesus Christ is rejected by His own (vss 14-16)

  • Here is something you would never expect Jesus Christ to say. He tells those following Him not to let any others know where He is.
  • At this point, Matthew is recording the rejection of Jesus Christ by people running the very system that Jesus Christ created. The entire Jewish culture was established to foreshadow the Lord Jesus Christ and prepare the nation for His arrival. The feasts, the holidays, the laws, the sacrifices, the sabbaths, the dietary regulations, everything in some way or another was given to the nation of Israel as a schoolmaster to bring them to Jesus Christ.
  • The synagogues were set up to magnify Christ, the anointed one of God, through the continual reading of the scriptures. Luke 4:16-21
  • With all that had been prepared in the nation of Israel, now Jesus the Christ was there in their midst and the administrators of the Jew’s religion wanted to kill the very one that their entire system was built on. So the Lord Jesus Christ withdraws himself. That means he is no longer going into the synagogues to preach. His ministry now will be conducted outside of the established system.
    • They’ll be warned about the unpardonable sin
    • Speak in parables
  • Strangers and outsiders were used by God in Israel’s history because of Israel’s apostasy 
    • See 1 Kings 17:1-14 to Luke 4:24-29
    • Romans 11:25 and that blindness is the result of self righteousness in the law in Romans 9:30-33.
  • Now Jesus Christ’s name could be great among the Gentiles AND great among the Jews as well. So the Jews don’t have to reject him for his name to go to the Gentiles.
  • 2 Timothy 4:1-5

Jesus Christ accepted by outsiders

  • Started to be written about all the way back in Genesis 22:18 and Galatians 3:8.
  • Psalm 67:2-4
  • Isaiah 42:1-7, 49:6, 60:3-5 along with Luke 2:32
  • Malachi 1:11
  • Matthew 28:19-20
  • Ephesians 3:1-7
  • Let’s recap this fulfillment of these verses. The plan was always the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the man that God the Father is pleased with. There is no other man God the Father is pleased with. It is this man, the Lord Jesus Christ, that will bring forth victory and it is this man that the nations will come to trust in.