Care of the Churches

Text: 1 Corinthians 16

Financial care (vss 1-4)

  • Jerusalem was for centuries the hotbed of persecution for the true prophets of God. Therefore a collection was taken to the saints at Jerusalem. The financial support was going to help provide for the poor saints who had lost their jobs and were actively persecuted by the Jews in Jerusalem; meaning they’d become poor as a direct result of their belief in the LORD Jesus Christ. They were ostracized from business, excluded from the workforce, and isolated by the largely Jewish community.
  • Paul instructed them to collect the funds on the first of each week. He instructed on how the giving was to be done as God hath prospered him.
  • Paul dealt with how to orderly process the contributions through multiple hands to maintain accountability.

Evangelistic care (vss 5-9)

  • He wouldn’t come immediately because there was a great opportunity in Ephesus. There was almost as much reception to the gospel of Jesus Christ as there was persecution in Ephesus. Paul understood the adversarial people in Ephesus as just part of the work. His focus was on the open door there. He preached in the synagogues for three months and encountered major backlash from the Jews. He separated the disciples there and preached in a university setting at the school of Tyrannus for two years until it was said that all Asia heard the word of the LORD Jesus, both Jews and Greeks. His time in Ephesus concluded when Alexander the silversmith, who was an idol maker, stirred up the other businessmen who profited off the religion of Diana. Paul was nearly torn apart by a mob. Acts 19 is where this is recorded.

Care in hospitality (vss 10-11)

  • Paul tells the Corinthians to treat Timothy with respect as he is a faithful young minister who has endangered his life in service to the LORD. He should be listened to and helped along the way.

Care through instruction (vs 12)

  • Apollos’ coming would bring a great benefit to the congregation as Apollos was a masterful teacher. His understanding of the old testament scriptures was exemplary and therefore he could explain much to the Corinthians.

Care for yourselves in these ways (vss 13-14)

  • Watch, Stand, Be strong, Be charitable.
  • What does it mean to quit like men? It means to act like a man, particularly as though you were a soldier in a battle. Quit doesn’t mean to stop here, and it is a place in our language where a word has lost a meaning it had.

Care for the ones who care for your souls (vss 15-18)

  • Those who make the care of the church their business are supposed to be cared for by the church. Paul says this same thing in Hebrews 13:7 about someone who has taken up the responsibility of men’s souls.
  • This man is experienced in the ministry because he loves the LORD’s work. Therefore he has things to tell you, how to conduct yourselves, how to order yourselves, things that you need to listen to.
  • Paul said it gave him confidence knowing that Stephanas showed up in Corinth. In fact, Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus were the ones who took this letter to Corinth.

Closing greetings and admonition (vss 19-24)