God in the Flesh (Luke #27)

Text: Luke 7:11-17

An incredible account here of a young man being raised from the dead by the LORD Jesus Christ. It is obviously such a shocking event that the people identify Jesus as the prophet and the visitation of God among His people. That’s another way of saying God is manifest in the flesh. Paul said it this way, Great is the mystery of godliness, God was manifest in the flesh.

Of all the accounts of the life of Jesus Christ Luke had to choose from, it is no wonder this is something he wanted people to know about Jesus Christ. Not only that, Luke as inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, wants people to know WHO Jesus Christ is. He’s not just some teacher. He’s not just some Rabbi with unique ideas. He’s not even there to overthrow Rome. He is eternal life incarnate. He is God manifest in the flesh. Because he is God in the flesh, his actions speak of God’s character. Let’s consider some of the things communicated herein.

Where God meets people

  • Jesus Christ meets this lady on her way to the cemetery. What a terrible time in her life. For a parent to bury a child is one of the hardest things to do in this life.
    • Parents who bury their children feel guilty. How have I been allowed to live more life than my son? He’ll never see the age I passed a long time ago. I remember being 30, but he’ll never have a chance to be thirty.
    • We ask why. We ask how. How did I as a protector of my child fail to protect her?
    • Not only that, but she’s also buried her husband apparently. The most meaningful relationships in her life are gone. What a tragedy!
  • But on her way to the cemetery, Jesus saw her. And what a metaphor for life this turns out to be. Jesus is on his way to a city, rejoicing with the many people he’s with after healing the centurion’s servant. And this is where God meets people.
  • Jesus Christ, full of life and joy, heading to a city meets a poor woman in the darkest hour of her life, headed to a cemetery.
  • The LORD is headed to a city and all of us are just heading to the cemetery. But in this meeting, the LORD brings life where death was. He turns corruption into incorruption.
  • The LORD meets people in their dark lives, trying to drown sorrows or escape broken relationships and addictions and he turns darkness into light.
  • The LORD, surrounded by a happy band of followers, meets a lonely downcast soul and turns her life around.
  • What does he say to her? Weep not. Why? Because death isn’t the end of your story.

How God meets people

  • Jesus was compassionate.
  • The voice of the LORD is the spirit of the Lord. His words are life.
  • Jesus Christ commands the young man to arise.
  • Jesus would say, John 6:63 It is the spirit that brings life; the flesh profits nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.
  • It’s the words of God that’ll raise you up.
  • This is the result when God’s words take hold on someone’s life and bring them out of the darkness of their own lusts. His character and power are shown where God meets man.
    • God gets the glory as He should
    • Jesus Christ is identified for who he really is
    • People understand their Creator has walked among them
  • Some of you this morning need to have a real meeting with the LORD Jesus Christ.